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Hubicus Quality Monitoring

The employee #COMMITMENT platform that allows you to evaluate your advisers and service providers, manage your performance, engage and retain your employees.

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1. Evaluate

Define your grids and criteria.
Set evaluation objectives.
Then evaluate all your voice and digital communication channels.
Your calls, emails and chats are directly accessible in Hubicus Quality Monitoring.
Monitor the homogeneity of the evaluations thanks to the calibration.


2. Analyze

Customize reporting for each customer service profile (advisor, supervisor, quality manager, etc.).
Identify strengths and areas for improvement.
Notify employees of evaluations and results.


3. Enhance

Debrief, calibrate, validate, share... the entire evaluation life cycle is in Hubicus Quality Monitoring.
Implement and monitor action plans

Habillage Planete

Boost the performance of your quality system

Icone rond

Connect HQM to your recorder

Sampling, streaming, RGPD compliance, connectors make your life easier

Icone étoile

Integrate quality monitoring data into your BI

Take customer relations and quality to the highest level in the company.

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Artificial intelligence

Call transcription, text analysis, pre-qualification or automatic scoring, artificial intelligence helps you blah blah blah.


“The benefit [de cette solution de Quality Monitoring] is different for each market but each time measurable according to the customer’s need.

  • For the Customer Relations part, the implementation of Quality Monitoring has enabled an increase in end customer satisfaction ranging from 5% to 30%.
  • For commercial development (telesales, appointment setting, etc.), the transformation rate has been improved by about 15%.

In all cases, the standardization of quality management has made it possible to identify discrepancies and to resolve them with targeted and effective corrective actions.

Tom TARDIEUX, Associate Development Director – Ocean Call

On average, our customers have seen:

1) 25% improvement in the quality delivered.

Thanks to the monitoring of objectives, calibration, workflows and action plans, the evaluations carried out have a greater impact on the overall quality of employees and providers.

2) At least 35% reduction in evaluation time

Automations, notifications allow to optimize quality processes and reduce non-productive time related to the evaluation (search for interaction to be evaluated, sharing of results, creation of dashboards, writing of calibration reports...)

3) Up to 30% improvement in customer satisfaction

The involvement of employees and service providers in the quality process, the standardization of practices, and the promotion of excellence are all direct benefits that contribute to improving customer satisfaction.

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Hubicus Quality Monitoring is the customer experience quality management solution.
Considered the industry benchmark, #HQM is the must-have SaaS tool for companies whose internal/external customer service department includes 10+ agents.

Suitable for any business sector, Hubicus Quality Monitoring is positioned as the employee engagement cloud platform offering a real-time, unified view of customer experience quality across all channels to your entire organization.

Who is Hubicus

Hubicus, a subsidiary of the BVA Group, is the European leader in Quality Management. It provides its clients with quality management solutions for the customer experience.

Hubicus is a software publisher and contact center expert, helping hundreds of companies to measure, manage, audit, change and transform their methods, supports and organizations.

In 2020, Hubicus launched its new SaaS monitoring solution: Hubicus Quality Monitoring.

This SaaS solution, available in Do It Yourself mode, is a true employee engagement platform and confirms the transition from Quality Monitoring to Quality Management.

Let’s build together the operational modelof the customer experience that suits you…

Ludovic Nodier, Hubicus General Manager

A trusted partner

Hubicus develops sustainable partnerships with private companies, state-owned enterprises, associations, and any type of organization Visit the resource center for testimonials and feedback on the great experiences we and our clients have had together.

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White Paper

Employee engagement

Driving contact center excellence

The motivation and involvement of contact center advisors are the foundation of customer satisfaction.

As the first brand ambassadors and the only point of contact at the height of the health crisis, advisors are at the center of the Customer Experience chessboard. Recognizing know-how and valuing the work accomplished is not only a matter of remuneration. Individual challenges, the desire to improve on a daily basis, the pleasure of teamwork are all central elements for customer service to deliver the best of itself…

Take advantage of the best practices of Hubicus experts, testimonials and video interviews of professionals in the field.

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