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What is your CX Quality level ?

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    Quality monitoring solutions for customer experience and employee engagement optimization

    Hubicus : Who we are

    Hubicus, the European leader in Quality Management and a subsidiary of the BVA Group, offers its clients customer experience quality monitoring solutions.

    A software publisher and contact center expert, Hubicus supports approximately 100 companies in measuring, monitoring, auditing, adapting, and transforming their methods, supports, and organizations.

    In 2020, Hubicus launched its new SaaS monitoring solution: Hubicus Quality Monitoring.

    A true employee engagement platform this Do It Yourself SaaS solution reinforces the transition from Quality Monitoring toward Quality Management.

    « Let's work together to build an operational model for customer service that represents you well. »

    Ludovic Nodier, Executive Director of Hubicus

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    Hubicus Quality Monitoring is the customer experience quality management solution.
    Considered the industry benchmark, #HQM is the must-have SaaS tool for companies whose internal/external customer service department includes 10+ agents.

    Suitable for any business sector, Hubicus Quality Monitoring is positioned as the employee engagement cloud platform offering a real-time, unified view of customer experience quality across all channels to your entire organization.

    Benefits of Quality Monitoring | Management

    Quality delivered
    +25% Quality delivered
    Productivity and monitoring
    Reduction in average contact processing time
    Operational productivity
    +40% Operational time savings
    +40% Savings in the training budget
    Sales performance
    +15% Sales performance
    Employability & employee retention
    Assurance of employability and reduction in turnover
    "Once & Done" Processing
    Appreciable reduction in first-contact resolution rate
    Standards & regulations
    Compliance with applicable standards and regulations

    A trusted partner

    Hubicus develops sustainable partnerships with private companies, state-owned enterprises, associations, and any type of organization. Visit the resource center for testimonials and feedback on the great experiences we and our clients have had together.

    Our technical partners

    One of the keys to success in quality monitoring lies in the opportunity to create technical connections among business tools in order to provide customers with immediate resolutions.
    That means the Hubicus Quality Monitoring solution communicates with the major platforms on the market:
    CRM, WFM, HR solutions, etc.

    Livre Blanc

    Engagement collaborateur

    Moteur de l’excellence du centre de contact

    La motivation et l’implication des conseillers des centres de contact sont les socles de la satisfaction client.

    Premiers ambassadeurs des marques et uniques point de contact au plus fort de la crise sanitaire, les conseillers sont au centre de l’échiquier de l’Expérience client. Reconnaitre les savoir-faire, valoriser le travail accompli n’est pas qu’une affaire de rémunération. Les challenges individuels, le goût de l’amélioration au quotidien, le plaisir du travail d’équipe sont autant d’éléments centraux pour que le service client délivre le meilleur de lui-même…

    Profitez des bonnes pratiques des experts Hubicus, des témoignages et interviews vidéos de professionnels du métier.

    Engagez vous
    pour engager vos équipes comme vos clients !