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Discover the latest news, customer and partner testimonials, resources and Hubicus meetings to improve the quality of your customer journey.


Release Note Fall’23

21 September 2023

The #Fall’23 version of our tool is finally available! Several features will be available:

  • cross-reference the results between customer satisfaction and the quality delivered by our advisers
  • manage your action plans
And on 19 September, the HQM Academy will be available to meet everyone’s needs, with a host of new features!

Release Note summer’23

20 July 2023

With Summer’23, we have optimized the selectors in report filters to make them easier to use. We have also added a “Recalculate” button to recalculate the indicators at the user’s request and no longer at each selected filter value. This new button allows us together to make a small gesture for the planet by eliminating unnecessary calculations. You too, join the community 😉. Check out the rest of the improvements starting July 26.


Release Note spring’23

3 May 2023

With Spring’23, customer satisfaction integrates HQM. Changes have been made to existing features such as CSV export or customization of e-mail alerts. We also listened to requests from HQM Community users and incorporated many of their ideas. You too, join the community 😉. Check out the rest of the improvements starting May 3.


Release Note HQM Winter’22

17 January 2023

With Winter’22, many existing features have been improved by adding new elements. Such as comments in the audio player or action plan templates. These new features will allow you to save time and be more efficient. We have also listened to the requests of HQM Community users by adding other evolutions. You too, join the community 😉. Check out the rest of the improvements starting January 25.

HQM Winter'22 Release Notes

#HQM – Release Fall’22

18 October 2022

Fall 2022 finalizes and improves many of the existing features, based on your feedback. From the improvement of interface elements (filters, call transcryption, access to calibrations…) to the use of APIs, we wanted to make your life easier and save you time. And of course, this release includes many minor evolutions that you can discover from Wednesday, October 19th.

HQM Fall'22 Release notes

#HQM – Release Summer’22

28 July 2022

With Summer’22, Hubicus QM supports you even more on a daily basis! The homepage brings a concentrate of your todo and your results. User assistance penetrates the heart of the interface to provide you with expert advice. Security is also at the heart of this release with new purge features and connection history tracking. Finally, a big thank you to all of you who shared with us your expectations regarding the evaluation objectives. Their management has taken a leap forward to make your life easier and give you more visibility. Also in this release we have included various minor evolutions, performance improvements and security enhancements.

HQM Summer'22 Release notes

#HQM – Release Spring’22

13 April 2022

With Spring’22, HQM will no longer hold any secrets for you: the online help will answer all your questions and the news feed will keep you informed of new developments. To increase efficiency, you can now trigger an action plan directly from an evaluation and choose the actions to be displayed in the employee record. Spring’22 also allows each user to customise the display of time data in the desired time zone. … as well as minor evolutions, performance improvements and security enhancements.

HQM Spring'22 Release Notes